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Nightmares that do not make sense

its like really it is just endless sequences of  different  problems in my life that can go wrong and slowly I could feel my body go numb , so much build up stress and anger. The nightmares had no order, they didn’t even  complete themselves, there was absolutely no order, and it was like I couldn’t say a word or do a thing to stop it from occurring.  I had no control.

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{ if you still believe i’m thinking of you, you’re dreaming }
-yes, you’re dreaming-
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Hey guys


So hey listen I dont really do this often like ask for help or whatever but I have this goal at the end of the month I want to try and reach .
Now guys you dont have to but it will help me out . When I post about some products from online stores such as lets say tops and stuff , just a simple…

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you deserve to be in a relationship with a person who doesnt make you compete for their affection and never has you guessing where you stand with them

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07/09/14 Happy birthday Shion!

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Do you ever get in those moods when everything annoys you and you’re just so irritated and nervous but you have no clue why, and you just want to punch a hole in the wall and then break down in tears?

At least once a day

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lynette yiadom boakye “acid for an act” 2012

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  1. partner: hey can i see the art on your blog?
  2. me: yeah sure brace yourself
  3. partner: what does that me-
  4. partner: ...
  5. partner: are all these men having sex
  6. me: ...
  7. partner: ...
  8. me: listen